Routing to multiple outputs?

Hey folks,

I’d love a few quick pointers how to send various VSTi to multiple outputs on my multichannel soundcard. Ideally, I’d like to send different players or even instruments to different outputs, in order to add hardware effects or EQ.
In general I’m getting audio out of Dorico fine, but just on one Stereo bus at the moment.


Hi Benji,
sorry, Dorico is currently limited to only send to one stereo pair.
Of course, technically the audio engine has the potential for more complex routings, but the user interface is the limitation.
It’s not known when it will come, but we want to make such routings available in the future.

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Some VST’s can assign multiple sound slots to a single MIDI input channel; so you can investigate that with your VST’s.

Got it, thx!! :+1: