Routing using Furman HDS-6

Hey all.

Is there a way to route mono outputs to the main stereo outs? For instance… I have the monitoring on outputs 7/8, and the Furman gets outputs 1-4+ 7/8. Howerver, when I assign individual outputs to tracks I no longer hear them in the monitors. Do I need an external mixer or can I do this ITB?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

What exactly are you wanting to achieve? Using the control room you can handle a lot of routing/monitoring scenarios.

I want to hear the tracks sent to the Furman. When I select individual outputs to tracks they no longer go to my monitors.

Ultimately… whatever I send to outputs 1-4, I need to be able to hear through outputs 7 and 8 as well.

In your control room section look at adding multiple monitoring paths (added in Nuendo 5.5). You can then either choose to monitor the sum of these or also individually. In your case you would choose your output busses as monitoring inputs.

Or just use the studio sends …