Routing VST outs directly to ins?

I scoured the manual but I don’t see an option for sending audio (from, say, a VST instrument) directly to the inputs.

Actually, I guess what I want is to run the digital out from the instrument directly to an audio track without having to convert it to analog and loop it back. Kind of like a self-ReWire. No such beast?

I’m getting a new RME audio card soon. Maybe this option exists there.

you can route the vsti to a group track then send the group to the input of an audio track…

Thanks! I’ll try that.

Outputs can be routed to inputs.

Create as many output busses as you need for the instrument and route the instrument outs to them. Then select the outputs as the input to the audio channels you want to record the audio on.

Thanks Richard. That must be in the manual, but I sure couldn’t find it. Works great!