Routing & VST Panner

I’m wondering where the mistake is in my set-up…
Using Halion with 3rd order ambisonics seems to work and I can pan the sound in the 3D sphere.

But neither in the Group Chanel nor in the Main Mix channel I’m able to pan the total signal in the 3D space.

Inserting the VST multi panner, doesn’t have any effect.

Because all channels are bypassed or broken (if disconnected) and can’t be routed to the VST.

Where is my wrong understanding or what am I doing wrong?
Do I have to add 8 stereo VST’s just to route the 16 ambisonics channels manually for using a final 3D pan?
The only working thing (for Surround) I’ve found in Nuendo is using a Surround configuration with AnymixPro. But how to use the Ambisonics correct for Stereo/Binaural downmix of 3D sound?
It seems, that Nuendo doesn’t support it at all…

I don’t think i understand what you’re trying to accomplish here.
You’re trying to pan the 3oA group channel? and the 3oA mixbus?

Your first image showing Halion’s track routed to a 3oA group track is set up correctly and that’s where panning makes sense. I can’t imagine the use-case of panning the group track. Can you explain what you’re trying to accomplish here? I’ve done quite a bit of Ambisonic work in Nuendo and will gladly help out, just need to know what exactly you’re trying to do here.

thanx for your kind support.
The reason for “group panning” (at a later stage) is, to send a couple of sound tracks to a group (to get one common sound) and then pan the whole group (using automation). Which means, that I won’t need to pan each single sound source around with the same amount of several automation tracks.
I know about the possibility of copying automation data but it doesn’t help me if I want to change the 3D sound position later on. Then I’ve to modify each single automation track of each single source track. Same is related for creating first a “wave file” to have the sound and then panning this new file around just with 1 panner. It might be no usual working case for Nuendo/Cubase but my work is also not usual… :wink:

Ahh, maybe I should keep the source as stereo, then send it to the group and change it there to ambisonics. Should give it a try.

Indeed, that’s the way how it goes!

Thanx for helping me to open my eyes!

I see now. You’re just wanting to pan multiple sources together!
Try Q-Linking the tracks by selecting the tracks you want to pan together and press the Q-Link button on the top of the mixer window and you can pan/automate them all together. That’s what I do.

Thanx for this additional hint. :+1: