Routings Sends in Cubase 7


In Cubase 6.5 was is possible to rout your sends.
Now i see only the option for the inserts.

When i right click i wont get a option for rout sends.

Does sombody know if this is still possible

Kind regards

Steven Rutten

You can find it in cubase 6 . right click customize vieuw

Yea lol…

They just make it easyer

1 question more.

When i click in mixer console the fader go to there.
I cant find where i can adjust this in preferences.

Do you know that

I think you mean when you click on the fader strip area ?
AFAIK, this is normal behaviour.
You can’t disable this in Preferences, there is no Preference setting for this.

Sure there is…

Very sorry for my wrong information. :blush: :blush: :blush: