Rubato feeling for play mode in Dorico 5?


I’m wondering if there’s a function in dorico 5 that allows for a “rubato feeling” where you slightly extend the period of certain notes etc.?
I know that you can click the Tempo-marker in write mode, but if there actually exists a rubato function then that would make a lot cleaner score and also more convenient.

However, all tips for getting a rubato feeling in playback are highly appreciated!

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No, adjusting the tempo track is the only way of achieving the playback that you’re after AFAIK.

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There is no way for one part to flex (rubato), whilst other parts retain the base tempo. It would be a neat feature.

Hi @Mr_Olsson as others say you can change the tempo, but as you speak about “certain notes”, there is the possibility , in Key Editor (editing the Played Durations) to push back or forth the beginning (or end) of single notes, so obtaining a “rhythm rubato” (not a “tempo rubato”). Of course it is a very detailed work that needs also to know exactly the desired timing of the notes, but sometimes is very useful if you need to adjust the playback timing of single notes without changing how they are written.
(if you want to delete this manual changes, then select all, and in menu Play choose Reset Playback Overrides)

I made a little example with a Valzer of Chopin, where I pulled the beginning of certain notes back and forth, so that some notes play a little earlier and some notes a little later, creating a sort of rubato rhythm, while the tempo remains untouched.

Here how it sounds with no editing of played durations:

And hier after editing the played durations:

I attach a picture and the little Dorico file.

rubato rythm (no tempo change).dorico (574.4 KB)

And here is the Manual page:


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