Ruler menu - No ‘set locator’ option since upgrade - and midi transpose?

Hi all.
Has anyone else discovered these two issues yet? Setting the L/R markers menu option is missing (effectively no options after ‘use metronome’ - see photo). Also ‘Midi Modifiers’ missing (where transpose was contained in Cubase 12 and back).
Windows 10/11 upgrade from Cubase 12 Pro.

Locator functions are still in the Transport | Locators menu, and the shortcuts are the same.

The new Inspector for MIDI channels does not have the MIDI Modifiers section enabled by default. Right-click an empty space in the Inspector panel and check the MIDI Modifiers box to make it appear again.
You can also change the order of the sections by using that little symbol to the right in the sections list.
Grab and drag it.

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Perfect @MrSoundman . I have a feeling I enabled the midi modifier section after a previous release, so thanks for the reminder. And, yes, I definitely need to learn more keyboard shortcuts. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to help.

Quick tip, by far the most intuitive way to set the left and right locators is to Ctrl-click and Alt-click directly in the upper part of the Ruler – it’s been there since the Atari days!


For me, the best way is to select the parts, I want to have the L & R Locators around, and press the [P] Key Command (Transport > Locators > Set Locators to Selection Range).