Ruler+Mouse=zoom - really incorrectly work

Hello. I’m Alex from Russia.
I bought Cubase 10 PRO.
But I can’t use it because of the RULER ZOOM. It works really incorrectly.
Before I worked long time in Nuendo 4 and this function there (zoom in\zoom out with mouse+ruler) works great!
Please!!! FIX this bug as soon as possible!
I have to work with Nuendo4 though i have Cubase 10 PRO already :’((

Here is short video:

Hi and welcome,

It works fine here to me.

dissynchronization locator and mouse - can’t u see?


I didn’t say I can’t see it. I said it works to me here.

Btw, at least basic description always helps.

So as far as I can understand it, the x axis of the mouse cursor is shifted from the playback head cursor in Cubase, right?

Any system specification would also help. Windows 7/10? Graphics card? HiDPI screen(s)?

system specification?
On different 3 PC it’s work incorrectly.
In nuendo 4 (2009y) its ideally work, without axis shifting. wtf((((
I’m waiting for (fix) update like cat waiting food.


That wasn’t very helpful info. Then I cannot help, I’m sorry.

It is a combined zoom and pan. I don’t know Nuendo 4, but in Cubase it works exactly the same way as in WaveLab. Some people don’t like this, but personally I love it. The cursor does not “stick” at the point in the timeline where you begin the zoom – is that what you see as the problem?

dissynchronization Cursor and Locator when zooming.

I’m sorry but I don’t see a fault here. Can you perhaps describe how you think it should work? Do you expect to see the vertical line cursor stay attached to the mouse cursor?

Your video shows an empty project. Can you load a project and see if the behaviour changes when there are tracks and parts displayed?

Also I think that’s Cubase 9 you have, in Cubase 10 the mouse cursor changes shape when over the project zone.

It will be the same.

Exactly !!

See Attachments. I have Cubase 10.

That was changed long ago.


Apologies, my error.

I don’t know, I think was only introduced around Cubase 7 (which would have been equivalent to the Nuendo 6 GUI). Sometimes there’s no apparent logic to these GUI changes, and eventually we all just get used to them. I don’t think it could be called a bug however.

If you click directly above the vertical cursor before zooming, it’s not that bad.