Ruler Tool - Sounds Cool?

This would be like a tape measure but for time. You click at the start of the range and drag to the end of the range and the Ruler Tool indicates the duration in time.


You can do this with the Range Tool, please.

But if the Ruler is on Bars+Beats it doesn’t work. We must first change the Ruler to seconds and then change back to Bars+Beats and there is only a toggle key command for this.
And this was for use in the Key Editor which doesn’t have a Range tool YET.

This is the purpose of the newish transport element, Locator Range Duration @JBuck, have you been using this?

As far as I can see Locator Range Duration only indicates the duration in bars and beats no?

Anyway, this idea would mean that the user does not need to change their Locator position, faff around toggling between the different Ruler values or change their preferred tool bar setup i.e. have more clutter encroaching on the workspace . Win!

As far as I can see Locator Range Duration only indicates the duration in bars and beats no?

No. I recommend you experiment with the features to get an idea of their scope and how they can be useful to you.

I just searched the manual for Locator Range Duration and found nothing. The word ‘Duration’ got 7 hits in total.

I didn’t suggest you read the manual.

I just tried every combination of Alt click, Alt Shift click, Ctrl Alt Shift click on the Locator Range Duration pop up and Cubase didn’t let me change from bars and beats to seconds. Is that what you meant by experimenting?.
So are you saying that this feature is not actually documented in the manual?.

My request is a very simple idea that I am sure many people would find useful.

More power to you and this request. My observation is simply that the function already exists.

As far as experimenting or exploring, I would have gone a bit farther myself, and changed the primary time format to see what would happen, since that setting is inherited by several elements in the UI.

If I needed to do that a lot, I would set a Key Command to switch the time format momentarily. So if your transport shows the locator duration element , it’s one keystroke to see it in the other format.

possibly of interest:

Hmmm… I appreciate the workaround but I would much prefer to not have to move the Locators, change the primary time format temporarily, close the pop up then relocate the Locators.

It could be one KC:

  1. Select Ruler tool
  2. Carry out task
  3. Right click - Object Selection tool

This function would be more like the Range tool - Tool bar readout as in it would allow the user to pinpoint accurately and precisely durations quickly.

But if you have the Info Line enabled, after setting the range with the range tool, you can just tap on “.”, see the length in seconds exactly on the info line, tap “.” to go back to bars and beats.

For larger sections, and a more permanent setup, I agree that ruler tracks should be given a tiny bit of utility more. Make them resizable (in track height) - I really miss that, allow an offset (so that we can set ruler track X to count time or bars elapsed since marker Y for example), allow us to slip (Alt+Ctrl+Drag left right) the ruler numbers for quick adjustments (with the ability to reset offset to mirror the project main ruler), allow us to cut/hide an unneeded part of the ruler if we wish, that kind of thing.

For the time being though, “Range+. with Info Line On” offers the same functionality.

Edit: Oh. Duration is also good candidate information for the tooltip, when we have the show extra information preference enabled. Can’t remember the exact name right now. When selecting with the range tool, duration of the range could show on the tooltip.

Yeah, but the idea was originally for use in the Key Editor which currently doesn’t have a Range tool.
The Range tool + Info Line are okay…ish.
The problem is, if the resolution is set on something big enough to Snap quickly to the Grid, say 100ms, then it only measures in 100ms chunks, AKA not accurate.
My idea was something that Snaps like the Cursor does but then when dragged it offers 1ms resolution.

Ah, ok. Wasn’t thinking of editors at all.

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