Ruler Track color changes unexpectedly

Cubase 12.0.50
(was happening with Cubase 12.0.40 as well, but before that version I don’t know.)

The Seconds track’s ruler color on my template keeps resetting to a light gray color each time I open the project. It should follow the Ruler color setting in the Color Scheme in Preferences. I have to remind it of its identity by:

  • Opening preferences and clicking on the color box next to Ruler and then clicking ‘OK’, the Seconds track ruler color changes to the correct color.


Is this a bug?

You need to click Apply at the bottom at the Preferences window before closing it…

thanks for your reply…
I don’t think that’s it, but will try it.
It only changes to the correct color after opening the preferences window and clicking OK, so I don’t think it’s an ‘apply preferences’ problem.

If you don’t apply the preferences, it will revert to the previous state next time you launch Cubase, that’s some very basic understanding…

Tbh it sounds like you lack experience with Windows programs.
Specifically in that ‘OK’ and ‘Apply’ on any open dialog window are usually interchangeable executions for confirming settings, and it has been this way almost since the beginning of Windows.
So, no need to be patronizing, unless of course you want to sound like an AH.

OK keeps the settings for the current session until you restart the program, Apply applies the settings permanently. That’s how it works in Cubase, same as many other programs.

The interaction with Preferences is quite buggy, because we are supposed to set the Ruler Track’s Ruler color by changing the color of the track, that’s how it has been designed initially, so it applies the track color in priority.

I can confirm this behavior. I could Not find a way to make the rulertrack keep it‘s Color when reopening the Programm.

Here is the process:

  1. Create a ruler track: Goal; the ruler should have the same color as the main ruler
  2. Go to preferences. Select color selector for ruler background, click ok, ruler track changes to black too.
  3. Hit Apply, then hit OK
  4. Save the project, then reopen project: result; ruler track background changed back to light color.

Louis, that could be an explanation. Still here on my end changing the ruler track color to black, the ruler back ground changes to a light red?

I am sorry to say that this is not how it works in Cubase.
I have just re-checked to make sure Steinberg did not change it.

“Apply” applies the current settings of a dialog and keeps the dialog open.
“OK” applies the current settings and closes the dialog.

I have heard from others that “Apply” and “Ok” behave different in some programs compared to the standards of MacOS and Windows (and also Cubase) but I haven’t found such a program so far.
So I would be happy to be hear which program behaves different.

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The bug could be that none of the Ruler settings in the Preferences are actually supposed to change the colour of a Ruler track (or its ruler). We need somebody from Steinberg to confirm in which way this is supposed to work.

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Steinberg: Can you please fix this bug?

I call it a bug because after going to the Color Scheme options and opening/closing the Ruler color palette (without changing color), the Seconds ruler bar turns to its correct color.
Colors should be intentional with DAWs, and in this particular case having the Seconds ruler track be the desired color will help to see the delineations better.

@zooterman @wolfger Ruler Tracks are not the same as the transport ruler.

Ruler Track colors work the same as other track types.

The color of ruler tracks is governed by the “Other” track type color setting

This is not correct, sorry. The Apply button applies the changes without having to close the dialog box, the OK button applies the changes and closes the dialog.

edit: I see @Johnny_Moneto had pointed this out already…

So then the bug is that the Seconds ruler track takes on the transport Ruler color after Applying or OKing that color palette in Preferences.

Why does it do this?

It does not here, but also, it is not crystal clear what you’re saying.

What’s needed is a step by step repro for 2 reasons:

  1. to be sure for yourself you are not leaving out something
  2. to make it simple and foolproof for someone else to reproduce the issue.

Here is the repro I did:

  1. in a new, empty project
  2. Set default color for Ruler Tracks in Prefs
  3. create two ruler tracks
  4. change the ruler track colors
  5. in preferences, image change the color of the Ruler Background

Observe: did the second ruler track change colors?

Observe: did the second ruler track change colors?

Yes. They both did.

This repro works here. I’ll report.
(@zooterman, I guess two tracks are not needed to reproduce this.)

I presume step #2 should not change the color of a ruler track in the first place.

If I change the ruler track color using ctrl=click


That’s the point I was trying to explain in my big post. When you do that it only changes the color of the Ruler Track header and not the color of the actual ruler.

When you assign a color to the Ruler Track with the color palette (Ctrl+Click or via the toolbar) other than the default color that you have set in Preferences, the ruler changes to a very light version of the color you select. And that’s the issue. When using the default color set in Preferences, the ruler stays gray, it doesn’t follow it.

The ruler color effectively seems to be governed by the Track color, same as the other track types. For example when you manually assign a color to an Audio Track, it also assigns the same color to all Events on this track, not a washed out one !

Thanks @steve

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