Ruler track should just be secondary ruler locked in place

Maybe the ruler should just have secondary/tertiary rulers instead of a “ruler track”. I need my timecode ruler to stick at the top with my bars/beats, but it just gets scrolled out of the way. Track dividers don’t make sense in this situation because I already have a divider for video/vid-audio/tempo/signature. I have to scroll that thing to see my timecode ruler. I can’t think of an actual need for a ruler track instead of one attached at the top, as Logic has. Are there really people out there dragging a ruler track down below audio/midi tracks? And do those users outnumber film composers and/or post people who are used to having them at the top? Seems logical to stick all rulers at the top and have a dropdown to add them.

I need several rulers. HOWEVER they are not very useful right now because you can’t set an independent offset (startpoint) for each Ruler. So it’s basically useless to have more than 1 or 2. I would loooooooove to use 6 or 7 on every project. But until they add those independent offsets, it’s pointless.


This is a really great point and a really great idea. It’s exactly how it should be, and how it is in plenty of other DAW’s because it’s a great idea! With this drop-down method it’s also optional for people who don’t want to change how it is now.

YES! +1 million

I’m a composer, and the way the ruler works is very specifically inferior to other programs like Pro Tools and more. The current way of adding separate rulers as separate tracks is not adequate, just as the OP said, for composing and post, and I’m sure for many others. And making it an option (drop down rulers that you can show or hide, per the OPs idea) will make sure everyone is happy.

Please incorporate this as soon as possible, it’s been a sore point for me since moving to Cubase about two years ago.

It just makes sense this way. Show me one person who wants their rulers BELOW the audio or any other tracks, and I’ll show you a user who isn’t doing it right lol. Either way, besides it being perfectly logical to have your ruler stick to the top, the number of users who will agree overwhelmingly outnumber the users who would for some bizarre reason want to drag rulers below other tracks or have to scroll to see them. And yes, ruler/timecode offsets might be useful for some people as well.