Ruler: what happened?

On Cubase 5.1 I could see the little segments representing the beats showing on the ruler (arrange page) until I zoomed to see some 20 bars at once (17" monitor, tracks and inspector visible and default size). Now on Cubase 6, if I zoom to see more than 10 bars I can only see bars; beats segments disappear completely instead. It’s quite annoying to me. I’ve tried preferences and ruler local menu options without success. Maybe there is simple solution I’m not considering?


It seems there is good news and bad news…
At last, the Project window allows the grid to reflect the current quantize settings (e.g. 8th triplets), whereas in previous versions it always showed just 16ths.
For this to be visible, the Snap setting has to be set to “Use Quantize”.
The bad news seems to be, that it is now necessary to zoom in a lot further than previously, on order to see these 3rd-level gridlines. (and my findings are the same as yours… seem to need to zoom in about twice as far as previously).

so since you are on Mac the “issue” it’s not OS related.

Quite annoying (IMO) that with every new version we can’t just have more, but we always lose something instead.