Rumble noises during playback

Can someone tell me why I’m getting rumble noises during playback? Somehow after I save the file, it got corrupted. When I open the song again, began to do a low rumble noise. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

More information about the noise, it seems to happen when there is an accented note

Looks like key switches ringing while they should not…

It might be an extremely low note that’s used as a trigger in your Expression Map. Normally those are not audible, but if you change the patch to something that isn’t limited in range (such as a GM instrument), suddenly you hear them sounding. If you haven’t changed anything in playback, then I dunno.

Edit: What Marc said.


Thanks. Yes, I believed that it happend when I was trying to change the instruments. I end up taking the old version I have saved and started again.

Use playback templates as much as you can, as it will set the expression maps up for you. If you go the manual route, you have to set it up yourself and you might forget this kind of things…