Run an app on same ipad as Cubasis 3 midi in into Cubasis

How do i run ChordBud 2 into Cubasis 3 for iPad as as a midi in? Do I need to use Audiobus, AUM, Midimux or a like app or can i do it without them? I have them all on my iPad but I would prefer to run it “midi in” like the app says without using it as an auv3 ChordBuud is an app on my ipad that i setup my chord sequences in. It says to hear the chord progressions created I need to run it to Cubasis 3 as a midi in app. Anyone that can help, thank you.

Hi Ziggy6894,

Thanks for your message.
If the app supports Audio Unit, it can be directly assigned to a MIDI track in Cubasis, no additional settings required.
I’d suggest to get in touch with Cem, the app developer, asking him for the settings, to use ChordBud 2 with Cubasis.

Hope that helps!