Run AU and VST in Cubase 12 Apple Silicon Native

There are quite a few wrappers available to enable this, but I’ve found them all pretty flaky… until I came across Meta Plugin. Working brilliantly for me, enabling me to run UAD, Lexicon Native and others in Apple Silicon mode. Check out the demo if this interests you. Once I have my plug-ins in a wrapper, I make Cubase presets to make loading a little easier. Well worth the €49.


I like VSL VE Pro, because it’s not a wrapper at all. It’s an external server.

Ensemble does not run native on Apple silicon?

nope it doesn’t

Wow, amazing tool! Steve, does this also work with older plugins like the Arts Acoustic Reverb? Can you run this under the native running Cubase then (without having to run Cubase completely on Rosetta… so it would have to turn the VST2 plugin to VST3 and also presumably 32 bit to 64 bit?)

Haven’t found anything that it doesn’t work with that I own. Give the demo a test drive!



It’s worth to mention, Cubase doesn’t work with AU plug-ins at all. VST only.

Yes, I will! If it works for Mr. Thrillseekers, it will definitely work for me :sunglasses:
Thanks for the tip, Steve! That also solves some problems with old VST2 Intel plugins. But it even includes a 32 bit to 64 bit bridge (similar to jBridge) on Windows too. What a brilliant plugin (and not even expensive)

This is a wrapper that allows you to run VST2 and AU inside Cubase. It works brilliantly.

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