Run Cubase 9 along with 8.5 - same PC

I’m currently using cb 8.5 and i’d like to upgrade to cb9… But i’m not sure… I’m using some 32 bit plugins and I’d want to make sure everything works fine with Jbridge in CB9. My question is, If I upgrade to CB9, will I still able to run CB8.5 in my PC?

Thanks in advance

Yes, the 9 installation will not affect the 8.5. You will be able to use either version.

Indeed, but bear in mind that Cubase 9 will have ‘stolen’ the file associations, so to launch 8.5 you will have to do so specifically (Open with… or shortcut on desktop).

Also you can run both versions at the same time. And you can open C9 created projects in C8 and then back in 9 again.

Thanks guys,
Sorry for the additional question… Any experience (good or bad) using 32 bits plugins in cb9 through J bridge?

MY biggest problem with it so far is that Edirol Orchestral with JBridge causes C9 to crash.

I’ve never used J Bridge but I’m sure there’s plenty round here who have, especially since C9. Try searching these forums or Gearslutz…