Run time DLL connection to protection device lost

Is any one else experiencing this , i am completely locked out of cubase 9 pro,i have installed the very latest e licenser ,Elicenser control software reads my licenses from dongle fine upon boot up , but when i load cubase this is the message i get.

“Run time DLL connection to protection device lost”

and all my products except sx2 have disappeared from the my products page on mysteinberg

working on a desktopmac pro 10.9.4

i managed to get through to technical support last week , but so far this week just a recorded message, am going to try US support number in a couple of hours

ps in the middle of a big paying job this is a nightmare !

So the solution to this i upgraded the OS that my desktop mac pro shipped with to High sierra after explaining the problem to apple support, and the licensing software all works fine !! and i can open up cubase 9 pro ,wish i had done that first live and learn :>
my steinberg is still not showing my upgrades tho it still thinks i’m on sx2 :>