Hey all,

This is a bit of ballad… It was the first song I ever wrote but it’s probably the best song I’ve ever written too. Mixing was a foreign word to me as a teenager and I sung like an amputee so I thought I’d re-record it :wink:

Vocals were tracked with a Rode K2.


All comments welcome.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


weszme: I like your song. wezme I learned a little trick with song writing (along time ago)
that the first 30 seconds of a song can make or break it for most listeners.
And I was thinking that the cello of YOUR SONG (around 2:40) should come in with the Bass
at the 30 second mark to help build your song.

Also are those real Drums or :question: SOUND GOOD

You gotta good mix going there :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

good advice from halljack…it’s very nice song but does it it need a chorus? I think so, others may disagree but I think it needs a little lift here and there…Kevin

Thanks for your comments Jack. I don’t really want to add the cello until the bridge because it will lose it’s impact (I think anyway :wink: ) but I may have to add something else to help build the song like you said.

The drums are superior drummer.



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for listening. I’m not quite sure I understand your comment. The song has a chorus… :question:


I really like this! Your nasally vocal style is quite pleasing to listen to. On this one, I liked the snare a lot more. I thought the bass was a bit too loud, or needed some EQ. Also, it would have been cool if the bass had a bit more motion in it. But overall, really nice song, with interesting voicings and arrangement :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: I think the cello is TOO loud – it’s louder than the vocal, which should be the focus of the track

Thanks twilightsong :slight_smile: Good advise. You’ve already had me spend 3 hours fixing the vocals on my other track! But I should thank you because I think it’s sounding way way better now :slight_smile:


Ok sorry mate…must’ve missed the chorus…