Runnig Cubase as Administrator (Win10)

Hi, do I have to run cubase as Adminstrator to allow all plugins to work correctly?

And: Why does a prior start of cubase in normal mode prevent its subsequent start in administrator mode?
(A process called ProtectedObjectServer - that belongs to eLicenser - blocks this somehow. I found this out by killing this process after closing cubase).

Thx, Ernst

You shouldn’t have to run as admin to get plugins to work. I know some people have said that admin mode helps resolve issues they had with jbridge, but I haven’t had an issue myself,

I’ve actually had more problems in Administrator mode than not.

Yeah, there was an older version of jBridge that didn’t work in Cubase without Administrator privileges and it turned the GUI of the plugins blank. A white square. Not useful.
I see now that I have version 1.75 and jBridge works with Cubase 11.

Sorry for bumping this again, but it’s possible that you could help me.

How can you use jBridge without administrator mode? I too have 1.75 but if I run Cubase 11 and load a project that has a jBridged plug-in, it brings up a system window where I need to give permission to the plug. It plays back ok, but the plug’s GUI is blank. What do I need to do?

Are you 100% sure you are running the latest jbridge, if yes ask the developer for help, he is a great guy!

Well, I guess I have the latest, I don’t see any newer versions at the website compared to the one I have. I’ll probably send him an e-mail, I just wanted to check if someone had a quick answer. Thanks for the answer!

Anyway I can confirm too that jbridge runs great here without administrator rights also C11

Yeah, sorry but it just … umm … worked from some versions of Cubase ago. I don’t remember. Now I don’t have any admin rights on it and it works great.

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Well, after contacting Joao (and wasting his time judging from what the solution is :see_no_evil:), all I had to do was remove the tick from “Run as Administrator” for the auxhost executables. Everything working fine in non-Administrator mode now!

I can’t believe how I had made a mess of this in my head. :laughing: