Running audio through external pre for color

I’d like to run audio (drum track) out of the MR816, through a vintech mic pre and back into the MR816 again to record the colored sound. Am wondering the best way to do this as I know the only inputs that do not go through the MR816’s pre amp stages are the inserts of 1 & 2. Anyone else doing this that can give me the proper setup?

Run into the Inserts coul’d be a good way to avoid coloring from the MR816 Preamps.
Besides the MR816 Pre’s are sounding great.

I use a ART Channel Pro to record Vocals and go throu the ART and the in my MR816 on Channel 3.
(PAD enabled)
Don’t worry, the Preamps don’t changing the sound in a negative way.

Ended up getting an A Designs ATTY and going to give that a try. I’ll report back.