Running Cubase 4 on Windows 7?

I’ve been using Cubase 4 on an XP machine for a long time. However today that machine gave up the ghost for good while I’m still in the middle of a lot of projects. My other computer uses Windows 7, which C4 isn’t compatible with. Is there any possible solution to this so I can carry on my work?

Hi and welcome,

You can try to install and use Cubase 4 on Windows 10 on your own risk. Or you upgrade to the current Cubase version.

You can upgrade to Cubase Pro 9 and enjoy the results of over 10 years of development. It’s much better.

Even if you manage to install Cubase 4 there are going to be bugs and oddities that didn’t happen on Windows XP.

Just letting you know that, before I upgraded, I used Cubase 4 on my PC running Win 7 with no issues at all. As a matter of fact it is still on that old PC and works right along with the CB7 through CB8.5 that are on it too.

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Thanks folks. I do want to upgrade to Cubase 9, but I’ve just got so many unfinished records in 4. Am I right in thinking that even if I was use Cubase 5 my project files wouldn’t work?

Prock, I’ll try using it on Windows 7. Thanks.

Generally software can open older versions but older software can’t open files from newer versions.

I seem to remember opening my 3.1 files in later versions.

Install the demo and try and open some of your files.

I’ve managed to get it working on Windows 7! I’m still looking for the Reverence plugin online though as I used it extensively, but it wasn’t included with Cubase 4. Does anyone know where it might still be available online?


Reverence was not part of Cubase 4. It’s in Cubase since Cubase 7(?). You need Cubase 7 license to be able to use it.

It’s from Cubase 5… You were probably using cracked software.

Cubase 4 projects open fine in Cubase Pro 9. The only difference is that the Channel EQ has been enhanced since then, which might introduce an easily fixable difference in sound.