Running Cubase Artist 10.5 on High Sierra

I successfully ran the free Cubase 10.5 lockdown download from Steinberg and ran it on my late 2009 MacBook running High Sierra. It worked a treat.
The licence has now run out and I want to buy Cubase Artist 10.5 - BUT on the website it says it will not run on High Sierra.

I’m baffled: the free download - though Elements not Artist - worked fine. So what’s going on? Will I be able to run Artist 10.5 on my High Sierra MacBook.

I have just been to see whether I can upgrade to Mojave, but I can’t on this elderly MacBook. So before I invest £270 in Artist, I want to be sure I can actually use it.

Any advice?


Officially it’s not supported. But when it was working with Cubase Elements already, the expectation is, it will work with Cubase Artist too.

It runs poorly on Mojave as well.