Running Cubase on Apple Silicon vs Rosetta - worth it?

Does anyone know if there is a real noticeable bump in performance running in Silicon mode versus Rosetta? Switching requires using a few betas from Spitfire Audio and abandoning most UAD plugins mainly, so I’m wondering if it’s worth it. It would be to me if Cubase is even more stable and spiffier. Thanks.

To be honest, I find the difference between Rosetta 2 and Native not that big.
On my machine (MB Pro M1 Pro 32GB Ram) it is about 15 to 20% more CPU performance.
This difference is only apparent if you work with very large and demanding projects.
Cubase behaves extremely snappy and super stable in both modes, there is actually no noticeable difference for me.
I run C12 mostly in Rosetta 2 mode and could not be happier. I still have a few Plugins (actually very few) that have not been rewritten for native Silicon yet, VSL Libraries and the VSL Synchron Player for example. But - again - the difference between both modes really not thaaat big…

There is a little more overhead. If you try Native, you’ll need to repair some Spitfire libraries to work, but then they won’t work under Rosetta afterward. If you also have Eucon, it only works natively as well, as far as I can tell on my system.

IC Pro is also gone. On my rig, I lose a bunch that is not native or just doesn’t have a VST3 component (hello UAD or Ivory?). So for now, you might as well keep it rosetta, but IMO the whole point of this fast machine is to run it natively.