Running Cubase Studio 4 on multiple computers


I currently have Cubase Studio 4 set up on my PC. I use this with Dimension Pro VST instruments.

I’m wishing to buy either a laptop or a mac book for when I start working abroad.

Is it possible for me to reinstall my copy of Cubase onto a new laptop/mac book whilst retaining my version on the my current desktop PC? Will there be a problem with the licence?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Would there be any problem going between PC and Mac though?

There shouldn’t be. I have run single Cubase4 license in both PC and Mac with zero problems.

Ok, so I’ve installed my version of Cubase studio 4 on my new lap top. No problems.

I then tried to launch it and got error messages regarding the usb security key.

I launched the security key installer on the dvd but it’s not recognising it.

I didn’t have it plugged in during the cubase installation and the little red light is on when i plug it into the usb…I’ve tried all three usb ports.

I’ve also downloaded the latest software from elicenser but it’s asking for an activation code. I’ve been looking through my cubase box and it says the licence is on the key…I’ve never had an activation code for it as far as i know.

I’m wondering why my laptop can’t find the key when i plug it in. It is recognizing other usb devices though…

Any ideas?