Running Cubase without ASIO?

Hey all,

I have Cubase 9.5 on my office computer as well as my studio computer. The studio computer is where I do the large majority of my sound design and music work, but I have Cubase on my office computer for basic editing and layering.

My office computer is just using integrated Windows audio for everything. For the uses of this computer, latency is not of concern. However, the use of other applications is of concern - I also have instances of Basehead, Wavelab, Wwise, etc which are using Windows audio that I also need to be able to hear.

In the past I have used an MME driver in Cubase - I don’t see that anymore.
Unchecking “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in Windows sound properties makes the integrated sound disappear from the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (rendering Cubase silent)
Checking “Release Driver when Application is in Background” has its own issues when working between softwares, especially Cubase and Basehead.
Using ASIO4All in Cubase still takes control of the sound drives, leaving other applications unable to use the sound device

How can I use Cubase with generic, crappy Windows audio? Like I said, I don’t care about latency - I just need a stable way to use many different audio softwares alongside Cubase.


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What I ended up doing was installing Cubase 6, which came with their MME driver, just so I could use it in 9.5.

Thanks a lot for this info :slight_smile: