Running FL Studio as a VST inside Cubase


Will I encounter any issues if I run FL Studio 12 as a VSTi or a VST fx in Cubase 7/8? Does the querty keyboard focus stay with Cubase and hotkeys will not work with FL Studio?

My main concern is to be able to freely copy and paste multiple audio clips/events/items from one to the other. How about copy and paste tracks?

I currently use the Presonus Firebox with Asio4All. I also have the Waveterminal 192x PCI which I can plug in into the motherboard. Will having two Asio sources be helpful in my situation?

Probably 4 years to late, however I thought I would answer your question because I know that other people will have the same question when they Google it on the Internet .I can First question. The querty keyboard does stay with cubase. You can still edit your track & all parameters produced in FL studio as a plug-in. Four instance, if you want to change your foot/ kick To align with what’s happening on your vocal track in cubase you are able to do so. I use FL Studio to write a lot of music tracks, however I like the way that Steinberg cubase handles recorded tracks and the way that you are able to do punch in and punch out verses doing loop recording. Of course I am using an older version of cubase and I’m fixing to upgrade and go to Mac because FL studio is now available for Mac.