Running Fortin NST plugin in Cubase 10 Elements

I have been using Cubase for quite a while, I’ve had Cubase 5 for what seems like a lifetime. Last night I purchased the Neural DSP Fortin NTS plugin and was having issues with getting it to work in Cubase 5. So after much thought, I decided to upgrade to a current version of Cubase. I purchasd Cubase 10 Elements, and so far I’m happy with the purchase.

My only issue so far is that while I can get the Neural DSP plugin to open within Cubase, it is only showing up as an insert and will only apply to tracks I’ve already recorded. Basically what I mean is that if I start a new project, add a new track, the Neural plugin will not play real time. When I play the guitar it is a clean unprocessed sound. When I play the track back, the plugin will affect the sound.

Is there a way to play with the plugin real time while I record guitar tracks? Perhaps hear the distortion and record a clean track for later re-amping? I’m relatively new to using guitar plugins, I’ve always used a live amp with mics and line out etc.

Any help, suggestions, questions, or information in general would be immensely appreciated.