Running Multiple Dorico Versions on Same Computer

Thanks to the suggestions of Rob Tuley and pianoleo I managed to install and run the Dorico 3 Pro version upgrading from Dorico 3 SE. I intend to have my students adopting the Dorico 3 SE version, while personally using the Dorico Pro for preparing documents they’ll open in Dorico SE (and for other personal reasons).
I therefore have two question:

  1. Is it possible to open a file in Dorico SE created in Dorico Pro?
  2. I would like to open in Dorico SE the file created in Dorico Pro but, as I understand, there’s only one Dorico application installed and qualified to run, according to the activation code inserted. Would it be possible to have the two different versions running on the same computer?

There is only one Dorico 3 application. It runs as SE, Elements or Pro dependent on what license is available. If you have a license for Dorico Pro but want to run the application with the limitations of Dorico Elements or even Dorico SE you can do this by holding a key down when you start the application: hold Alt to run as Dorico Elements, or hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) to run as Dorico SE. (he said, directly quoting the Version History)

Any version of Dorico can open any Dorico file.

This is great news, thanks again. I’m certainly going to jump into Dorico!

Just be aware that when you open projects containing more than 2 players in Dorico SE, it opens in read-only mode, as Dorico SE only allows 2 players. (The same is true in Dorico Elements, but there the limit is 12 players)

Thanks for that, Lillie.