Running Mystic, Prologue, Spector plugins on Cubase 13

Hi. Is there any way to run Mystic, Prologue, Spector plugins on Cubase 13 Pro?
I bought and installed this software on my MacBook Pro with M1 Max.
I run it natively on Apple Silicon (without using Rosetta 2).

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I think these synthesizers appear after about 5 versions. Only it will already be displayed as “New features”. An example of this is a vocoder. :slight_smile:

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Ayo! Yes. You can copy the synthengine.vst3 file from your old cubase VST3 folder into the Cubase 13/VST3 folderrrr.

This being said i am expecting them to charge money and rebrand these as a new feature at some point. :upside_down_face:

This is Very super annoying!!! When I upgrade cubase I am expecting to keep all my features from the older version!!! This creates disaffection and hate

…and yet you can simply copy the vst plugin to the C13 install, so you can create love and affection.

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For me, it is not that simple.
So I kindly ask You to re-establish love and affection and help me find which folders I should copy and in which cubase 13 folder exactly paste it.