running out of hard drive space inst. lib question

hello all.

well it would be nice to upgrade to a bigger hard drive holiday funds say other wise…

so…if I moved instrument lib (Steinberg hal…sounds to my storage drive would that mess things up?)

basically, I am wondering if I can use the main app (Dorico in this case) on my operating system, but all the other files could be loaded from my storage drive??

sorry for my ignorance!

Yes, this is definitely possible. If you have a look in the knowledge base in the Support section of the web site you’ll find some articles that describe how to move the VST sound content from one drive to another, depending on whether you’re running Windows or Mac.

I´m sorry, but I can´t find these articles, anybody can tell me where they are?

Thank you very much.

I looked also to try and help out as there is another thread about this. I couldnt find it either…

Thanks Bob

i am glad other folks are communicating about this! that is what forums are for!! thanks…let’s see if we can work this out! that way we can save$$$

edit: saving $$$ by not having to buy another drive!

edit: saving $$$ by not having to buy another drive!

You do know you can use the Edit button on your messages to avoid having to post a string of messages that belong together.

I can’t find a “knowledge base” in the support section. A search with “move vst sound” has one answer that could help:

Thank you, but I can´t find the Halion library. Anybody knows where is the article that explains how to move it?

It’s normally installed here on Mac:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion

and here on PC:

Thank you! And is it the same procedure? With an “alias”?

And with every update will we have to move it?

If so, maybe you can give an option to select where we want to install the sound library.

Thank you!

Updates so far have not included any changes to HALion itself, just Dorico.

I believe that when you first install that you get the option of where you want to install it, but this thread was about moving an already installed library.

Ok, it´s possible, actually I don´t remember the options that I had when I was installing first time.

And then the procedure is move the library and replace with an “alias”?

Thank you very much!

Yes, on Mac the way to handle this is to place an alias to the new location in the original installation location. You shouldn’t need to do this again in the future when installing updates to Dorico.

Perfect, thank you very much!