Running rosetta plugins in M1 native mode

hey guys is there a way to run rosetta plugins on M1 native mode?
im on cubase 13 Pro on macbook pro M1 Max. i really want to be able to run perfetc drums on M1 native mode, is there a workaround?


That is impossible. Rosetta is emulating the Intel platform, allowing you to run programs that are not developed for Apple Silicon.

What you need to do is ask the plugin developer for a new plugin, that is compiled on Apple Silicon.

is there a way to switch back to native once the plugins loaded in rosetta mode?

A software that is compiled for Intel CPUs can not talk to software running compiled for Silicon. These are two completely different CPU technologies and Apple built Rosetta just to allow the huge amount of software, built on machines before the M-Series, to continue to work.

So, no, you can not simply switch back and forth. Either all in Rosetta or all in native mode.

You need to talk to the plugin developer for a native version of your plugin, because some time in the future Apple will even stop supplying Rosetta. They did this already when they switched from PowerPC CPUs to Intel, back in 2006, where they had the first version of Rosetta.

But if you really want to run this specific plugin, why not starting Cubase also in Rosetta?

I think you can wrap them with DDMF metaplugin (or one of it’s siblings)
It is free to try.

how do you do that? can you link me

It is a nice tool. It is free to try.

doesnt work for me man :expressionless: it doesnt detect the perfect drums plugin

Too bad. I guess that the easy way is to pay for a update.

Try using Blue Cat’s PatchWork

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this completely changed my workflow and bought it instantly, thank you so much

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It does come in handy :+1:

only problem is that everytime i reopen the project black cat audio patcher says …loading and never ends up loading so just have to reload perfect drums back in and import drum map everytime

Sounds like you need to start talking to the people that make Perfect Drums and tell them to make a proper update for Apple ARM CPUs, instead of trying band-aid approaches to making something older and “outdated” work.

ive contacted the developer heaps, they have moved to dw soundworks and no longer supports it , he has jumped ship on it. so im left here with 2017 drum kit (imo the best for metal) trying to make it work on M1 native

Time for a contingency plan in that case.

Apple WILL eventually remove Rosetta, just like they did last time it was around during the PowerPC to Intel transition. At that point you’ll either need to move on, or be happy running everything in Rosetta mode on an older OS or find an old outdated Intel machine to run it natively.

like I said its working for me in M1 native via bridging it to blue cat patchwork. i just have to reload the plugin everytime which is annoying

Just to make sure you read what @Monotremata and I mentioned about the lifetime of Rosetta.

Apple WILL REMOVE it some day and that is the point when you are completely done with your plugin. So make sure you have a plan for the future without your drum plugin.

when i load blue cat patcher im actually loading it as AU (audio unit from logic). so your saying in future I wont be able to do what Im doing?

The blue cat patcher is using some kind of “Macos Bridge”, according to their release notes.

So your plugin will still be Intel based and needs some kind of emulation to be executed natively with Apple Silicon.

I don’t know what this bridge is doing, but it looks like it somehow uses Rosetta behind the scenes. So yes, it might be that you will not be able to use this as soon as Apple revokes Rosetta. Ask the Blue Cat developers on what happens without Rosetta.