Running SX3 using eLicencer\C4 licence

I need to access some old Cubase VST projects saved as .all and found C4 does not import them.
After searching google i found this forum post…

Ive downloaded the SX3 disc image provided but before installing was just wanting to check it would not upset my current setup or eLicencer details?
I know this older version used a different method of protection (Syncrosoft) but was a little worried it could screw up my eLicencer when i try installing it.

Has anyone done this?
Perhaps im worrying over nothing?

yes i did it with C4 when i wanted to open some sx3 projects a while back with no problems, just install the current Syncrosoft License Control Center like it says and you will be ok.

I always remove my Dongle before updating etc. . Don’t forget to re-install the latest LCC, as stated.

Thanks for the advice

Ive installed it without problems, seems i was worrying over nothing. :blush: :laughing:

i couldnt remember why i needed sx3 when i needed to open a project in cubase 4, but i can now. my friend recorded some tracks for me in sx3 then archived them for me onto a disc ,i could only open the archived file whatever it was called in sx3 ,cubase 4 didnt have that option .there feel better now.