Running Vienna Ensemble Pro Mac (Host) and Mac (slave)

I cant seem to find a definitive answer anywhere on the main product pages and on here…

Using my Mac as the host and my Macbook Pro as a slave for Vienna Ensemble Pro, can I run VST instruments? I have seen some posts on the VEP forum that possibly state that its AU only when using Mac, but that info is wooly!

Can someone please give me a yes or no?

An if yes, does Halion Sonic work via Vienna Ensemble Pro and does it need to be installed on my slave computer?


No !

Mac version only supports AU plug-ins. However, if you install windows on your MacBook with Bootcamp (like I have) you can use VST instruments. Works brilliantly. I have 2 slaves here, 1 Mac, 1 PC. Best of both worlds!

Interesting. I guess it depends on what you call a VST Instrument. I have Vienna Ensemble Pro, and it will run any stand alone VSTi, peroid. If you are talking about specific VST Intstruments that are native to Cubase that run inside cubase, No.

I have run everything and anything regarding EW QL both PLAY and Non-PLAY instruments, Ominshpere and Trillian and others, as long as they come with a stand alone version.


Ye Steve is right. Mac only runs AU plugins between Macs within VE Pro :frowning:

Not the end of the world.


Yes, Steve is correct. RJ, the VI’s you are using in VE Pro on a Mac must be AU…unless something has changed very recently, VE Pro does not host ANY VST instruments on Mac.

I’m trying to run my Halionsonic (audio units) on my Macbook Pro, using Vienna Ensemble Pro over the network to my Mac Desktop running cubase 6 (where Halionsonic is also installed.

But on my macbook when I try to open the Audiounits version of Halionsonic the eLicensor says it can’t find an elicense? Is it possible I can only run Halionsonic on my main machine only? Even if that is the case, I only want one instance, i.e. on my Macbook?

Can anyone offer help please?


Sorry for the late response on this, as I am just getting back to this thread. I must say, that I am totally pleased with the decision not to upgrade my MUSE Receptor, because EWQL PLAY still is not an option. I instead got an iMAC and networked it with my Mac Book Pro, whihc runs C6. The iMAC is stacked with 16 gb or ram and I bought a 12 TB Thunderbolt external HD for it. The iMAC is running VEP5 server and plugin while the MAC Book Pro runs Server and C6. I got both up and running and loaded a poject into Cubase. Then I loaded 17 slots in VEP5 with Symphonic Orchestra samples from EWQL SO Platinu Plus. Sat back and my mouth dropped open. Perfect unison any everything works. I have one small problem that I am not sure what it is yet, but the entire system is beautifull.

One word of note. You must load the PLAY software product and authorize on the slave computer running VEP5 server and the plugin. That means you must have your iLok key plugged into the machine that will host the plugin, which in this case is the slave computer running VEP5. I have noted the following from the the earlier posts in this thread. Most VSTi’s come with both AU and VST, so you can load the VST into the computer runing C6 and the AU into the slave computer running VEP5. But you will not be able to see your instrument in the channel list until it it authorized on that machine.

Incidently, it used to take my MAC Book Pro about about 4 minutes to load the entire 17 slot orchestra as a VSTi in cubase. Now, from the thunderbolt drive to the iMAC running VEP5, the entire thing loads in under 30 seconds.


That’s good reading. Is the thunderbolt drive fast than Vertex 2 SSD at read/write? I’m getting 256gbs read and write. If so Can you give me make of the drive? Thanks.