Runtime Error crashes with Halion 4.5.2


First of all thanks to SB for the 4.5.2 update. Seems to solve all the problems that appeared with Halion 4.5

I started using Halion 4 again with confidence, however I am experiencing a similar problem again. I have a project with two instances of Halion 4 (not with 4.0 presets) and I am experiencing random crashes when I load them in Cubase 6.5.1.
Each time I start Cubase for the first time, load the project, I can see the loading bar stuck at the name of the channel name of the Halion 4 instance and then I get a Runtime error. Cubase crashes and then I get an error report dialogue which clearly blames Halion4.vst3 .

Is there a known issue that I trigger somehow? I want to note here that when I launch Cubase again after the crash usually the project opens. But it seems to always crash the first time I try to load it.

Any help will be highly appreciated.