Runtime Error

I’m using the Cubase AI 4.5.2

When I try to start the program I receive this message:

Runtime Error.
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Pleas contact the application’s support for more information.

The first time this problem appeared the program started to function again when I restarted the computer, but now this does not help.

I also got the information on an other sign saying: “Cubase has stopped function and will be shut down”

I’ll be very glad if anyone could tell me how to solve this problem.


I Have solved the problem.
No answers needed :wink:


I’m experiencing the same thing. How did you solve it?



sorry if the answer comes to late, but I didn’t see your reply …

I moved the project to the desktop, and start it by clicking on the icon there

It seem to have been some trouble with the upload of the song.

I also defragmented the hard drive, and I noticed that the title of the project appeared many times during the defrag process …