RX 10 voice denoise plugin on a 5.1 Group track


Im trying to use RX 10 Advance voice de-noise on a 5.1 Group. I Would like for it to process only the center channel. However I am unable to select the center channel in my input configuration in the plugin window.

Any advise?


Have you considered/is it an option, to use a mono instance earlier up the chain? If you only need denoise on 1 channel, the best thing is always to edit the source channel before it goes to a 5.1 bus.
If that is not possible why not split the 5.1 source (a file? This is unclear to me) and only treat the center and combine the 5 other channels to different tracks.

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Yes no problem I can definitely work around it. I just saw that I am unable to use it on a 5.1 track and wanted to know if I was doing something wrong.
For this super noisy project, I wanted to send all my noisy dialogue tracks to Dialogue Group/Bus and filter compress de-noise the whole lot in one go. But in when you send a mono group to 5.1 you lose your individual panning on the tracks if all goes to a mono group. Hence wanting to send all to a surround Group and treat that. Goyo, Acon etc all works fine on a surround bus. I just saw that RX was not happy as an insert on 5.1 group

Hope this makes sense?

Many plugins are only mono or Stereo. I remember making a spreadsheets a while back with the channel configurations for the plugins I own. I do not, nor ever intend to own, any Izotope plugins. Too buggy.

Maybe check their manual / website, to verify their channel count capability?

And as klfnk2020 stated, this sort of processing is always best done a lot earlier in the production. I imagine you are trying to process a dialogue track? Well, just do it on that one track… split the 5.1 multi track file if you need to first.

I think the potential negative of the above is that you either end up with more instances of the plugin (if on source audio tracks), or you end up with a mono group before the 5.1 group which means you wouldn’t be able to pan denoised dialog to different locations simultaneously (e.g. two people talking center, someone yelling from screen left). Though admittedly that last example would be a problem also with denoising just the center since denoising amount would shift with panning.

Assuming that there will be little meaningful content in the LFE of your dialog bus, I suggest the following routing as a quick workaround: