RX11 is showing up as an extension

But i cant use it. I own the full version of Rx11 advanced. How come it shows up but it is not working? See Picture

RX doesn’t support Cubase/Nuendo as ARA host. Here’s an excerpt from the iZotope RX 11 web page:

  • Spectral Editor & Music Rebalance AU ARA requirements: Logic Pro 10.7+ on Intel or Apple silicon Macs (Rosetta only).
  • Spectral Editor is available in VST3 ARA for Studio One 6 and AAX ARA for Pro Tools (via upcoming Avid update)

How come it shows up in Nuendo now…? I think Steinberg would just need to pay the License fee…

If RX in ARA would be anywhere near how it is with Spectralayers, Acon Digital or AAP2 for me, I wouldn’t even bother wondering, if I were you. I end up having to “make permanent” all the time, because it is buggy, unreliable, and brings sessions to a crawl everytime.