RX7 connect not working in C10

Hi, don’t know if the problem is on RX7 or C10 side, but when I use RX Connect on any audio clip, direct offline process (DOP) window appears, I choose Repair and Apply, RX7 opens, I edit the audio and press Send Back, RX7 in DOP says “Press process to apply”, I do and then RX7 opens again with no changes I just made at all and I can’t apply the edits in any way inside Cubase.

Same here. It seems to be a C10 issue, since it worked in previous versions, as you can read here and here.

same here

Same here…

Same here :neutral_face:

Yep! Same here.

Same here on 2x Macs and PC :persevere::persevere:

And another.

Have made a support request with iZotope to find out how they see it their end - didn’t seem worth opening one with Steinberg as it usually takes them months to read them.