Rythme indication...

Agreed about the occasional frustrations with the things it can’t do yet… I’m struggling with one of my own at the moment (it’s a percussion thing…). Nonetheless, there is a workaround for this. Like all other workarounds, it’s not ideal, but it works, and it doesn’t take too long. If you want text to look like system text (i.e. top staff in score, all staves in parts), but you need it to be scaled differently per layout, but the layout specific scaling tools mess up the spacing, do the following:

  1. Use shift+x to put your marking as normal text, not system text, on the top staff. Get it so it looks right in the score.

  2. Copy and paste it back into the top staff so you have two.

  3. Go to the part, and format the second one so it looks the way you will want it to in the parts.

  4. Go back to the score (now you have two versions of the marking–one for the score, one for the parts). Copy the part marking into all the other staves.

5.Now select them all (except for the one that will show in the score) and hide them (your hiding method of choice here. Some people scale to 0%. I prefer full transparency in the color menu, because then you can select them much more easily later if you need to).

  1. Go to the part for the top staff. Hide the score version of the marking.

  2. Make sure everything’s spaced the way you want it in Engrave Mode, and you’re good to go.

This method is far too time consuming for the large orchestral piece I am working on with metric relationships in so many bars. Is there no simpler way?

In Sibelius, each one can be entered in a couple of seconds with a few keystrokes and the playback understands.


Yes, Dave, we know that this is cumbersome and we do plan to address it soon.

Pleased to read this Daniel.

I’m pretty eager to get this functionality too…
Conscious that you all working hard for us, users.


I’m trying to do everything in Dorico now but I just discovered that for one piece with frequent metric modulations I’m still stuck using Sibelius. Right now the modulations are cumbersome in Dorico and I could live with that but they don’t play back and that makes Dorico useless for this project.

I hope you can make them less cumbersome and able to play back soon.

And on a different note, Dorico 2 makes me so happy! All the new things are wonderful!!


After taking considerable time to create metric equivalencies in a large orchestral work, I discovered that, although they look correct in Write and Engrave modes, they certainly do not in Print mode and they do not print correctly.

I have checked that the page size is letter in layout options and on the print panel, There are no unlocked frames that might have moved.

Any ideas?
Metric Equivalencies Problems.zip (40 KB)

What font are you using for the note glyphs? Bravura or Bravura Text? You need to be using Bravura Text…

I was using Bravura because there is no equal sign in Bravura Text that I could find. I tried converting the text box to Bravura Text and used Academico for the equal sign (with a smaller font). That solves the problem.