Rythme indication...


How do I create a rythmical marking like: half note = half note dotted ? (on a spot where meters change from 2/2 to 3/4) and vice versa…

System text? Tempo marking?


System text will have to do for now, since we don’t have a native implementation for metric modulations yet. Do you need any help setting it up?

Yes please.

You can copy and paste from the attached project.
metric-mod.dorico.zip (275 KB)

Thanks everybody!

Daniel could you add to your metric modulation dorico file the following swing item:

2x 8th = 1/4 + 1/8 (under a triplet bracket)

thank you

For many years I use a home made font with some metric modulation marks for Finale.
I still use it, now in Dorico too (win & mac) point size 40 or 50.
It’s a ttf-file.
Perhaps it’s useful…
Metric Modulations.pdf.zip (91.3 KB)
MuSym.zip (2.18 KB)

One could use another font, but I would be nice, to have the indications in the same font.
I want to add another request:
dotted 8th + 16th = 1/4 + 1/8 (under a triplet bracket)

Thanks in advance!

I was trying hard today, to create the indication myself. I followed the instructions on the SMUFL page, but I can’t make it look right. Quite frustrating …
metric modulation.PNG
The triplet doesn’t look right and the equal sign is to low. Any suggestions?

The example was creates using Shift + X.

There are a bunch of different parameters inside the Shift+x tool that can be fiddled with to get this to look good. For the equal sign, use the baseline shift property to move it up and down. As far as fixing the triplet, that’s harder to say, given that I don’t know exactly how you’ve entered things. But it’s definitely possible!

With my method, 2 posts earlier, I only need just one key (R , r , S or s) for a complete metric indication, simple and fast.

Thanks snakeeeyes021 and JackvL!
I wanted to have the indications with the Bravura font, so I tried further and indeed have to admit, that I didn’t try hard enough. After the Eights Note alingned so smoothly I thought, that the rest should work the same easy way. So, now I did a lot of fiddling and got these results:
metric modulation2.PNG
Not really easy to achieve, but at least now I have something to copy from …

would you be so kind to share a dorico project with those metrics mods you just created, so we could add those to the examples Daniel gave in the beginning of this thread


Hi Cluade,

here is my file.
Metric Modulations.zip (525 KB)
I’ve added Daniel’s examples, so that you only need one file.


Thanks for that, Heiko !

Thanks a lot

There is a notable difference between Daniel’s metric mod examples and Heiko’s in that Daniel uses System text and Heiko regular text.

system text will be shown on all parts and score.
when regular text will only be shown on the part where it was pasted

there is no way at the moment to transform one in the other



regular text: Shift+X
system text: Alt+Shift+X

Ups, I thought I copied a system text element. I updated the file (s. above). Please try again to see if everything is alright now.

Unfortunately, there are still some problems with these indications. I copied the indication into a piece, where the score has got a different staff size than the parts. Now I can’t get the notes aligned properly in the score and in the parts. Dorico has got lot’s of elements, which you can tweak individually in different layouts, but system text doesn’t seem to belong to this category. It has already been quite a lot if time I spent on this … :cry:
I really like Dorico, but sometimes it can be very frustrating trying to achieve something, that Dorico isn’t able to do so far. :frowning:

thanks again Heiko