Ryzen 5950x + Windows OPT

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Intel CPU’s with Cubase for more than 15 years now, all good regarding optimizing Windows 10 and all the BIOS etc etc.

Just put together my first AMD build tho - Ryzen 5950x/ASUS Creator b550/Gigabyte 3050.

Can’t see much info about tweaking and optimizing AMD builds for Cubase, where there’s lots of info about Intel builds (Windows 10 tweaks, BIOS etc).

Would be much much appreciated if anyone out there has any tips regarding things/tweaks to do to optimize the AMD+WIN10 systems! Anything from the most basic WIN tweaks to the more advanced BIOS settings :slight_smile:



Pete from Microsoft has a guide for us in music/audio creation:

Unofficial Windows 10 Audio Workstation build and tweak guide - Part 1 - Windows MIDI and Music dev (microsoft.com)

Generally there isn’t that much we need to do. I’ve got the 5900x with the ASUS x570 Creator and I haven’t done much.

I have the 3950, and not sure if this is as important for the 5950, but read up on optimizing your RAM speed for your processor. Makes a big difference on previous Ryzen gens.