Ryzen 7 Processor

I am thinking of buying a laptop with a AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U processor. I just run Cubase Elements 10.5 at the moment. I’m not sure whether to go ahead in case Cubase doesn’t run ok on it. I currently have an intel i5 but my laptop is getting a bit old. Will the Ryzen processor be ok for Cubase Elements and also if I want to upgrade to Artist or Pro later?

Ryzen CPU are fast beasts. However as usual it is important that the laptop vendor has made their part good.

Get one with the Ryzen 4700u if you can. The 4000 series are a big improvement over the 3000.

Thanks for your replies. On the laptop I’m thinking of getting it has shared graphics. Will that impact on cubase.

Shared graphics should be fine. Make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work for Cubase, also see Molten Music on youtube for a guide to optimizing windows for music.

Are those laptop processors? I am thinking of getting a 3950x for a desktop build, but have seen some people saying the ones that are about to come out will be significantly better.
Do you have an opinion on this?

I have had a 3950x for almost a year now and I am super happy with it. But since AMD has released their 5950x now, I would go with that OR the 5900x. Both are incredibly good. 5900x has higher clock speeds but fewer cores, good to have if you’re a gamer or use a lot of Kontakt instruments.
Be sure to get a good motherboard (good does not have to mean expensive) and “AMD compatible” memory. To get it silent/quiet get Noctua D15 CPU fan.

Yes those are laptop cpu’s, the 3950x is a great cpu, with the 5950x now out and benchmarked it looks like around 20 percent uplift in performance.
If that translate to DAW use is still to be confirmed but I would expect so. The 5950x likes fast RAM, 3600 or 3800 shows a real benefit.
Mind you the 5950x is more expensive but not 20 percent more.
My thoughts, the 5950x is the best and probably last cpu for the AM4 socket, I personally would choose That, to extend the life of that computer a few years.
In 18 month we could see the next generation AMD cpu’s on the market, even faster and better but using a new socket.
You could also watch the price development over the next month and see if the 3950x gets a price drop.
Whatever way you go, you will IMHO have a great computer.

I think it translate to DAW very good. One thing they have changes is the memory/cache handling to make it more “symmetric”, that should be very good for low latency stability. But it is ZEN3 architecture and the lapcpus in that architecture is not released yet.

Yes looks to be very nice, exciting times we live in, just hope Steinberg will be able to keep up with the increasing core count and innovations that AMD and INTEL will be coming up with in a lot faster pace that we are used to.

For sure it exciting times for Windows users. For us that using Mac it is more anxiety about the migration to ARM.

Hey, thanks for this advice, i really appreciate it. It has been so long since i put together a computer…i feel a bit out of touch tbh.
I don’t use all that many kontakt instances - mostly VI’s and audio trakcs, with lots of bussing/sends. I have a chance to get a really good deal on the 3950x (350 pounds) which is what made me lean towards that. I also am not a gamer.

Getting the system silent (or as quiet as can be) IS super important for me. So i will look into that. Is the Corsair vengeance good enough? Will check out the Noctua fan. Again, thanks for the advice, it is much appreciated.

For £350 it’s totally worth it! Can’t really recommend a specific memory, but it should say “AMD or Zen2 Compatible”. Memory should be at least 3600 MHz to get the most out of the CPU.
If you need Thunderbolt you need to check motherboards from ASRock, at least they where the only ones with built-in TB a year ago.

My suggestion also is to skip mechenical disks and go for SSD’s and NVMe disks ONLY. Less heat and less noisy and ultra fast. Totally worth the money. Put backups/archives on external disks or a NAS/Cloud instead.

For chassi be sure to use one that can handle multiple “big” silent fans so you can get a good throughput of air.
Also important: buy a really good power supply (like high quality model of a 850W/1000W). This makes the PSU fans not spinning up at all or so slow that it becomes quiet (silent!).

Thanks for all the advice. Useful stuff. I agree on the drives, have 2 ssd’s already and will def grab a couple of NVMe disks (can’t wait to try those)
Also i have 2tb in my dropbox so thats where i do my backups…makes sense to me. For the mem i was planning on starting with 2x16gb of corsair vengeance (i’ll get the quickest one they do)
Motherboard and case i need to decide on…along with a graphics card that will allow me a multiple monitor setup (at least 3)
Are you familiar with the ‘be quiet’ cases?