S/pdif input


I have a problem with the s/pdif input of cubase. the cable should be stereo, however when I try to set the stereo input there’s only one mono s/pdif input and one s/pdif output.

I am recording from a yamaha motif xs8 digital output, to a motu express s/pdif input.

the result, if I put the input mono, is obviously a mono signal.

how can that be stereo?


Hi 10gamberi -
Not sure what your problem is exactly but just to say that an SPDIF signal is multiplexed and can carry 2 or more channels along a single conductor cable.
Set your VST input connections to show SPDIF L, SPDIF R

this is the problem, there’s not SPDIF L and R. there are two, but I guess that it refers to input and output because, if it is set like this, the recorded signal sounds mono.

I know this because I tried to record a piano, making a glissando from left to right: it should have a stereo image and I should hear the keys going from left to right, but it stays central.

what might be wrong?

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 13.04.46.png

ok, now it works.

don’t really know why it sounded mono before but now it’s stereo.

the only problem is that I can’t hear any preview of the sound, I can just listen it back once it has been recorded. how can it be possible to listen to it while playing the keyboard?

through the audio interface I mean, from the headphones output.


Some very Cubase basics: A port shown in the “inputs” tab is never ever in any way an output.

ok, thank you.

could you tell me how to listen to the keyboard while playing it?


To hear during recording make sure the track “monitor” function is activated (the button looks like a speaker) when you are recording. If using a later version of Cubase then you must deactivate the monitor function on audio tracks during playback to hear what was recorded. I’m not sure what CB version you are using so you may have to deactivate the monitor function on midi & instrument tracks too during playback to hear what was recorded (I’m not sure if that monitor functionality is the same during playback for older CB versions).

Regards :sunglasses:

yeah, true.

I’ve been working with vst for a while and I totally forgot about the monitor button. thank you!

anyway, is there any gain settings of the s/pdif? I’m worried about distortion.


The output level of the device sending the S/PDIF signal, or the Input of the device digitising the signal to S/PDIF.