safely straightforward recording

With Cubase 8 pro I record long duration acoustic concerts. On location. The recording should be done as simple as possible. No effects, no plug ins, no snap or other influence. Please note for these purposes I already installed Cubase excluding the VST plugins. However, I’m always a little worried that unwanted issues are implied accidentally and/or I overlooked to pull off these facilities . Does anybody know whether there is a button or something else in Cubase that protect me against unwanted release of effects, snap, transport issues (o.a. tempo) and things like that? In other words, I’m looking for a one-button solution for a simple secure and straightforward recording.
Your advice will be highly appreciated.

I do not understand…

Its called the record button…

Your one-stop-shop for a recording…
How many mics are you recording from? (How many inputs)?

Dear GGC,
Many thanks for your quick reaction. Cubase has countless possibilities to help the musician/editor to modify the sound of the recorded music. In order to make music (on bedroom level) I make use of a lot of them, it is a great program.
The location records (choir, string quartets etc) however are a different way of working with Cubase, it will be used as a purely recording machine. Any influece of the (input) recorded signal has to be avoided. It goes without saying that I check for unwanted issues, but I can overlook things, some issues may not be seen in first instance etc. That makes me a little nervous. I therefore look for a button or a “mode” which gives me 100% confidence that - after hitting the record button- any addition has been stopped/neutralised. I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you very much in advance.

Just record at 24 bit (if practical with the available storage space) and a reasonable latency (to avoid glitches). There’s really no trick to it, if there are no effects insert in Cubase and no effects are activated in your hardware then the recordings will be completely untouched.

Dear audiorecordist

There is no additions if you do not add them yourself…

I think you may have some “stage fright” or this is your first recording,:stuck_out_tongue:

Cubase can record very long sessions without you even touching it… Just like a field recorder or whatever…

If you want more confidence, make a test run…

I assume now that the location has multiple mics feeding into a mixer or multi input soundcard(s) - that is why i asked.
If it is only few mics , you could record with so ething like a sound devices recorder… But if it is a complex multimiled and routed setup, ask if you can go there before the event and have a practice recording…

But from your vague information, i can only give you vague recomendations…

Cubase will record without any problems for maaany hours…

Good luck and have fun:)

Dear Romantic TP, Dear GGC,

I’m using 8 mic-tracks through a multi input soundcard. Sometimes-when listening of the recorded music in between the recording sessions- eq or reverb will now and then be inserted to learn what the final sound could be. To continue further recordings, I’m as careful as I could be to put off these inserts. In my opinion such a button or mode could help. But I agree with both of you, I’ve done it myself.
However, In practice I did not meet any seriously difficulties so far. And indeed, there is always little “stage fright”, as you call it.

Both of you I thank you for your attention and help.




Maybe a simple tip, but I suggest you set up a recording template without any inserts/ plugs, but with channels and routing set up for multitrack recording. When you want to replay a recording, save it, name it and reopen the template for consecutive recordings, ready to go. Now you can insert plugs to your hearts content on the recorded piece, and you switch to the blank project when the ‘band starts playing again’.

no one button,but its possible to Bypass in 4 steps All inserts,sends ,channel strips and EQ from the Mixer.

One easy solution is to use a RME ufx soundcard, it has a USB connector you can hook a USB drive up to and hit the record button on the interface. It will then record the incomming signals straight to the USB drive and the same time function as a normal soundcard/device in Cubase.
Btw Steinberg has a program for just recording live,:

I had no idea that version even existed. I suppose I don’t pay enough attention to the newsletters…

Waves offers a special live recording programm called “tracks-live”. It is a free download (you have to sign in for a waves account).

Many thank for your reply. The Waves option looks very promising. Best regards, Audiorecordist

Actually, this is the way I’m now operating. Thanks you. Best regard, Audiorecordist