Sailing the sea of dry solder joints [... ??]

Oh Steiny - how I Iove Prologue’s pure square, saw and sine waves + on top of that the digital Sound of Padshop when you throw them at it … it’s bling bling 8bit retro heaven.

Style of the song ? I don’t really know. But a tune for the one armed, one legged, one eyed, bird loving 8bit proghead. So what would one call that ?


It’s a tune that because of it’s character does remind me of Commodore game music like ‘Last Ninja’
It doesn’t sound like 8bit heaven though, that would sound more like this:

There are nice chiptune synths that are specialized for this purpose:

etc etc etc…

Greetz Dylan.

Nice retro electro…and with a tune goin on also…good stuff…Kevin

Very cool! :sunglasses:

Pretty damn cool xD