### SALE ### Cubasis and Cubase iC Pro are on sale (ending June 13, 2024 - ended)

Hi all,

Please note that some of our apps are currently on sale for a limited time.

Cubasis for iOS, Android and Chrome OS

  • Save 40% off on Cubasis
  • Save 25% off on the new Cubasis instruments IAPs (HALion Sonic Selection, FM Classics, Neo FM)
  • Save 50% on the remaining effects/instruments in-app purchases

Cubase iC Pro for iOS and Android

  • Save 40% off on Cubase iC Pro

The prices shown on the App Store and Google Play are reduced accordingly and so need no coupon code…

Offer ends on June 13, 2024.

Best wishes,

I actually can’t buy it on the iOS App Store at the %40 discount price!!!

Can someone please fix this because tomorrow?


Hi @Richard14

We are unaware about any App Store or Google Play purchase issues. Please let us have more details.



The price on the iOS app store is $29.99. No discount.

The price on the Google Play app store is $17.99. That’s %40 discount as stated.

I need it for the iPad. 8 hours left on the sale.

Hi @Richard14

Cubasis for iOS and Android are priced differently, due to their different feature sets (caused by limitations of Android).

Best wishes,