Sale ends today , will Cubase 12 be following ? The mystery continues

As the sale finishes today (which i am grateful for Steinberg holding ) and with my silly logic about the sale being extending to keep everyone amused until C12 was ready for release ,do you think we are very close to seeing C12 and the new licencing system in action ?

Wednesday it will come out. ®️

See When is Cubase 12 coming out - #73 by Phillipus

Previous releases
Cubase 9.5 - 15th
Cubase 10 - 15th
Cubase 10.5 - 13th
Cubase 11 - 11th

They certainly like a midweek, middle of the month, release! :slight_smile:

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He probably means this:

Who mentioned about a Cubase sale ? Not me , It’s well known Steinberg do not release new versions of any software while there are sales of any description going on and that is my point , you missed my point obviously