SAM shows that 3 computers have been activated, but I only activated two

Hello, I purchased the Cubase Pro 12 upgrade package, upgraded from Cubase11 to 12, installed it on two PCs, and activated it for normal use, but after two days, the 12 of one of the computers could not run, I opened it When I activate the software, it shows that there are no activated 12 licenses. I tried to activate again but it shows that it has been restricted. After I open the steinberg id account, it shows that 3 computers have been activated, but I clearly activated two.

Did either of the PCs install a significant Windows update recently?

It seems so, may I ask which place on the official website can release the authorization, after I logged in the official website, I did not find a place where the authorization can be released

Can the official help me release the authorization of the original computer? Or reset the license and let me reactivate this computer.

If you can deactivate and reactivate both your computers, I’ll delete the activation that doesn’t get updated.

I asked the company to delete all my original activations and then reauthorize me to activate the new computer.

Your company has helped me solve the problem, thank you!

I have similar problem. But there is 6 computers list in my steinberg id. Show used
on 3 computers activated
How it can be? And how to fix it. I clearly only 2 computers activated.

Hi @Mark_Elia , which version of Steinberg Activation Manager are you using? I’d recommend updating to the latest version as we fixed a bug which might lead to this situation.

Oke, problem solved. Now show used 2 computers. But it is normal the list more than 2 code machine?

That’s only two machines - each code is 64 characters long, I’d imagine you’re viewing on a portable device so the code is wrapping onto a second line due to lack of screen width.

If you spin your device landscape you’ll see.

Ooh…oke then. Thank you.

Sorry, my problem still exist actually. I have deactivate all my computer. But still show used on 1 computer. I think it’s because I upgrade my Mac os Catalina from 10.5.3 to 10.5.7.
Can you help deactivate my existing cubase 12 manually from there?

I can’t as just a user too.
But I’m sure @Ben_at_Steinberg will help you out. (Just tagged him for you). :slight_smile:

Could you PM me your Steinberg ID and I’ll investigate.

It’s oke now. Problem solved. Thank you.

Hi Ben,
my problem actually is not completely solved. sometimes 3 computers can’t be activate because in my steinberg id show used on 3 computers. after deactivating 2 computers it turns out that there are still 2 active computers. in fact only 1 computer is active. After I deactivated the last computer, it turned out that there was still 1 active computer left.
I found out that the machine code that can’t be deactivated is the one I circled in yellow. please help to deactivate it from the server.
My steinberg id is [email address removed] id

hi i dont know if this is he right way for ask your help but i have almost the same problem with others about activation and deativation of cubase 12 . i had install cubase 12 in my pc but my ssd was corrupted and i made 2 bad formats. now my fresh third installation works but other two dont so in my products shows 3 computers activated . how to remove the other two licences?

Hello Sir.

I teach in a studio where students learn how to do mixing and mastering. We have three (3) activation codes or download access codes; I didn’t want to associate the code with a personal email address as the Steinberg ID, so I created a separate Steinberg ID to bind the licenses to it but realized it was giving some automatic self activation when ever the students launch the Cubase 12 Pro. I have deactivated all the licenses. I have created three (3) different Steinberg ID’s and I want each activation code to be associated with one Steinberg ID. The three (3) activation codes are currently redeemed to one email address but we want to remove two (2) activation codes and redeem it to the other two (2) created Steinberg ID’s.
Thank you for immediate response Sir.

Please use this topic to request your activations to be reset:
Cubase 12 activations limit and releasing, Steinberg Team