Same audio recording different bits..Why?

Hi, For some reason I checked the statistics of two mono tracks recorded at the same time, similar mics and preamps…Overhead for drums to be precise. When checking statistics, one track was 64 bit floating point which is my project setup, but the other read 24 bit…
Any one that knows why??
Micke S.

Did you do any processing to either of them by chance? Even just bounce a file to trim the clip length… or whatever…

No of course not, I am a little slow but not that much :upside_down_face:

Just asked since if your recording format changed after you recorded and then did any processing I’d guess bit depth would have changed.

Yes, I totally agree but thats not the case, thats why I am confused…

Just to be clear. You recorded both tracks in the same project and neither have been bounced or rendered in any way?

In which case, what are you using to check the bit depth?

Try an alternative to verify. (Media Info for example).

Please post a screen shot of what it are seeing.

Cheers. P.

Hi, I can not find the file, probably deleted… well I have plenty of recordings that s not mismatch so…it was maybe some glitch…anyway, when things like this occur you want to know why.?
Thanks . Micke.