Same finger for two adjacent notes

I can’t display the same finger for two adjacent notes like in this setting :
Instead, I still have this :

I’ll need a bit more context to be able to help. Your picture is so small I can’t tell what instrument, what clef, etc. you’ve chosen. For me, if I enter that chord on the RH staff of a piano, say, assuming that it’s E4, C5, D5, E5, then I select the whole chord and type Shift+F then enter L1,1,2,5 into the popover, i get the fingering you expect, i.e. the top two notes are shown with the “play with the same finger” bracket.

If you’re getting something different, please attach the project here so we can take a look at the actual file to see what might be up.

Hi Daniel, I could reproduce the problem with only 1 bar. But this bar comes from an imported file from Sibelius/MusicXML. If I make a brand new Dorico file, I don’t have this problem and I really can’t understand why.
Here is the attached Dorico file :
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I think the issue is with the instrument definition: for some reason Dorico doesn’t think that your piano is sufficiently close to an actual piano to treat it like a piano for the purposes of fingering! Create a new default piano via the Players panel and copy and paste the music across, and the little bracket will start appearing.

Hi Daniel !
That’s awesome ! But it works !
I think Dorico doesn’t think my piano is sufficiently close to an actual piano because it’s imported from Sibelius :wink:
I am sure MusicXML coming from Sibelius will hide some good surprises for me again !
But fingerings and dynamics input and rendering (among others items) are so much better in Dorico that I am ready to make some efforts with weird import !